Finnegan’s Wake Pub Crawl

June 5, 2014 in Irish by TheLeprechaun

Finnegans WakeAh, poor Tim Finnegan has passed. Again. We’ll be celebrating by carrying ‘Tim’ around to all the Irish pubs in Chinatown. Join the Friends of St. Patrick on 5 pm, June 13th at O’Toole’s as we kick off the wake. The procession will be leaving O’Toole’s at 5:30 pm,
heading to Murphy’s, Ferguson’s
JJ Dolan’s and then returning to O’Toole’s.


Whack fol’ the dah, now, dance to your partner.
Wipe the floor, your trotters shake.
Isn’t it the truth I told ya?
Lots of fun at Finnegan’s wake.