Punk Rock Karaoke!

Punk Rock Karaoke spans the entire weekend! Punk greats will back a member of the audience on a number of songs. If you ever wanted to be a rockstar, here’s your shot!


Featuring Greg (Circle Jerks, Bad Religion & more), Steve (Adolescents, Agent Orange & more), Stan (Dickies), Darrin (Sum41/Goldfinger), and YOU!


Night 1, Friday the 17th will also feature KILL TUCO and GRAPEFRUIT.


Night 2, Saturday the 18th will include DRACULA MUSICAL and CESSPOOL DEMOCRACY (now feat. members of Ira Hayes, Tantra Monsters, Cronseedz & more).

At Anna O’Brien’s

9:00 pm. $9 advance tickets, $15 at the door. 21+ .

Tickets available here for Friday and Saturday.

The Town Pants

The Town Pants are here in two short runs! Their visit splits between Oahu, Maui and back to Oahu, so we’ll see them both at the end of November and the beginning of December and again in mid-December at O’Toole’s and Kelley O’Neil’s.

They’ll appear at Kelley O’Neil’s on 11/29 & 11/30 in the first run, and 12/13 in the second.

They’ll appear at O’Toole’s on 12/2 & 12/3 in the first run, and 12/15 & 12/18 in the second.