Kelley O’Neil’s – Open!

Kelley O’Neil’s is now open, under the same management (John Langan,) but new ownership.

We have COVID-19 precautions in place according to government requirements; we have fries, fish & chips, chicken fingers, beer-batter onion rings, zucchini fries, a QR-Code Menu, signage, tables, 4 beers on tap including a REAL FULL IMPERIAL PINT O’ GUINNESS, some nice, oft-hilarious people to talk to, no live music yet, some great cocktails, stunning whiskey, our usual fantastic service, underwear gnomes, soon a new fancy website of our own, and are, as always, Celtic AF.

Please com by, and say hello, and raise a pint with us. We’re still masked, !@*#@*)&#@, but not for much longer, God willing.

Erin go Bragh.

Adirondack Barrel Cooperage

Hi! We see you are still checking in. In good news, there are some vaccines now, so, there’s finally a light at the end of this miserable tunnel, and, hopefully by next year at this time, we’ll be clinking a glass together with company, as it should be. Meanwhile, something to keep you entertained… ever wonder how whiskey barrels are made? What a cooper’s croze is? It is all in this fascinating video. Grab a dram while you watch the Adirondack Barrel Cooperage make barrels… they use traditional coopering methods to build spirit barrels out of American oak. Their one-of-a-kind barrel charring and toasting process imparts complex flavors in spirits, like smoke, coconut, vanilla, caramel, and more.

6-26-2020 – Dave Turner – at Hawaii’s Irish Pub’s Friday Happy Hour, in 4K.

Yes, we are closed. Again. Do we thing this is reasonable or fair? No. Are there places out there that actually had COVID spread that are still allowed to be open? Yes. Did the Liquor Commission and the Police say we were doing a good job? Yes. So, we don’t know if we’re going to make it. We will know more in three weeks. Still, we’ve greatly enjoyed hosting you, and having you as part of our family. See you soon, we hope.

6-26-2020 – Dave Turner – at Hawaii’s Irish Pub’s Friday Happy Hour, in 4K… If you can, please donate to our out-of-work musicians GoFundMe at: