Irish Rose Saloon – Reopening!

At long last, The Irish Saloon is getting into shape and getting ready to reopen. We HOPE this will be somewhere around mid-July — but there’s an awful lot of work to do! We need to do a lot of cleaning, rebuild some stuff, restock and re-staff. About a year ago, some staff worked hard to re-paint and redecorate, and we want to get it back to that shiny state it was in.

Our capacity will only be about 130 people; we will probably not have draft beer at first; we have to follow all the covid rules about having masks while not at your table, and signing in for potential tracing, etc… there will be no smoking inside! But we’ve been setting up TVs for sports, got the soda lines run, have the dart boards installed, and are working hard on all the other hundreds of bits that it takes to get a proper pub up and running.

Soon! Keep tabs on our Instagram and Facebook pages for updates! (But please, don’t pester our former/soon-to-be bartenders. They don’t get inside information.)

20% Discount on all T-Shirts through May 31st!

Use the discount code 20SHOTSPLS when checking out to receive a 20% Discount on all our T-Shirts, through the end of May! Offer good while supplies last. There are some new limited edition, limited stock, embroidered Irish Rose T’s and Polos!

Ltd IRS Black Emb. T
Ltd IRS Black Emb. T
St Patrick's 2020 Green
St. Patrick’s 2020 in Green
Black St. Patricks 2020 - Back
Black St. Patricks 2020 – Back

Two Boots’ Musicians’ Boost

Benefit for Hawaii’s Irish Pub’s musicians! If you are a musician, make sure you let them know.

Music is an important part of our local culture. Local full-time, gigging musicians are independent contractors. Most are currently out of work, many with no health insurance. If you’re a local, professional gigging musician, stop by for some complimentary take out from the legendary Kevin’s Two Boots.

Music fan and want to support? Help feed our music! You can order Kevin’s delicious chili and pulled pork as well. All monies go towards cost of food for musicians.

Event: Two Boots’ Musicians’ Boost
Date: Sunday, April 26, 2020
Time: 11-2pm
Location: Curbside, Anna’s
~Bill Comerford (EJ Lounge) has been supporting live music at his clubs (Anna’s, O’Toole’s, Irish Rose, Kelly O’Neil’s) for years. Shout out for seeding this!~

Kevin’s Two Boots $25 Meal package:
Two Boots’ meat or vegan chili and cornbread plus
Pulled pork with Two Boots’ BBQ sauce.

Payments by cash (no change) or prepay with
Venmo: Kevin-Tate-4
You must make reservations through Dr. J’s Facebook page by Thursday, April 23rd to guarantee pickup

~We support those who stay safe at home. Contact us if you wish to donate online.~

For your complementary food please send us your name and a link to a 2020 gig to reserve your goodies!

Food will be premade and vacuumed sealed for pickup. Just put it in boiling water for twenty minutes. CDC hygiene procedures will be followed (six foot distancing, gloves, masks etc.)

Hard at work on the Rose

Giving the place a lot of love. Thanks, Seamus and Joe and Raymond and all you other folks who are painting, bringing dogs, and generally getting it shiny again, while we pause, and drink in far inferior environments. Some of these are not images of the bar at its best – that is the intent, so that “After” pictures show how dramatic the change was. These are before pictures, and represent the hard labor and many, many hours of work of between half-a-dozen and a dozen people who are sweating, cleaning, scraping, patching, thoughtfully assessing, improving, and showing a great deal of kindness in action. Some of them are not hugely happy shots, but it’s not a tremendously happy time, though the people working hard on our place are finding solace in their work, as we all will, when they are done. I’m looking forward to the After images.

The Black Donnellys

A lifetime ago, last August 2nd, when life was carefree and the beer flowed plentifully, we were lucky enough to host The Black Donnellys, a Dublin-founded band that moved to Las Vegas, who were completing a 60-shows-50-states-40-days tour of America. They were fantastic!

And as friends of Hawaii’s Irish Pubs, I’m posting a full YouTube playlist of their songs, to enjoy in the background today as you go about your business. May we see them again here soon!