Comedy Shows

Comedy U

Wednesday nights at Anna O’Brien’s.

$10 General Admission / $7 Student & Military ID

Doors 8:00pm/Show 8:30pm

21 & Over ONLY

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January 9:               Stand Up Comedy Showcase

Hosted By: Reese Paul

Opening Act: Jesse Mumma | Ian Shippen

Featuring: Matt Stofsky | Mary Jane Murphy

Followed by: Rohanz Open Mic Comedy – with host Rohanz


January 16              Comedy U & The Female Comics of Hawaii Present: “Love For CC” – A FUNDRAISER COMEDY SHOW

On January 3, 2019 Hawaii’s Comedy Scene lost one of our up and coming bright stars – CC. The moment CC took to the stage, she was star in the making. Her sense of style would make a lasting first impression on that audience, as she would walk up to the stage and grab the microphone. On Wednesday January 16, 2019 Comedy U will be dedicating the night for CC with an all open mic night, with a $7 donation from comedians to sign up for stage time. There will be a raffle & merch sales with 100% of the proceeds to be donated to CC’s Ohana. We hope you can show up and show your LOVE FOR CC

Donations can be made at


January 23              Comedy U 5 Year Anniversary

Hosted By: Jose Dynamite & Patrick Tyrrell

Featuring: Pepper | Reese Paul | Mary Jane Murphy | Tumua Tuinei  | Anthony Nigrelli | Daryl Bonilla | Jasmine Bautista | Michael Madsen | Brandi Morgan | Andrew Joyce | Shane Lucas Price | Powell C. | Lance Liverman

Followed by: Open Mic Comedy


January 30              Stand Up Comedy Showcase

Host: Jose Dynamite

Opening Acts: Mike Rayo | Pam Escalona

Featuring: Seladu | Brandi Morgan | Tiffany Yamauchi

Followed by: Open Mic Comedy


February 6              Stand Up Comedy Showcase

Host: Jeremy Castillo

Featuring: Victoria Arnstein | Tumua Tuinei | Powell C. | Reese Paul

Followed by: Open Mic Comedy – with host Shannon Cantan



February 13            Battle of the Sexes

Celebrate Valentines a night earlier with this Game Show Themed Comedy Show with a team of 5 Male Comics v.s.5 Female Comics, to decide which gender is the funnier in this hilarious spin on a comedy show.

WOMEN TEAM: Tiffany Yamauchi | Missy Ketchum | Jasmine Bautista | Mary Jane Murphy

MEN TEAM: Michael Madsen | Cory Walter | Billy Sherman | Lance Liverman | Derek Reimers

Followed by: Open Mic Comedy



February 20            The 4-7-10 CLEAN Version

The 4-7-10 format is a mixture of “Open Mic” and “Gong Show”. Comedians are all guaranteed a minimum of 4 minutes stage time…if the audience is laughing and enjoys the comic, they’ll get to keep going another 3 minutes, and if the crowd is still enjoying the comic, they’ll get another 3 minutes. The trick to this show…the comedians need to do their best to perform CLEAN. Meaning, no swearing or blue material.


February 27            Comedy U CLEAN COMEDY NIGHT –FILMING

Some of the best comics that performed clean sets during the 4-7-10 will be invited to return to Comedy U and perform 7 minutes their best clean sets, to be filmed by NELLA MEDIA GROUP.

Followed by: Open Mic Comedy


Comedy U – named BEST COMEDY NIGHT, by Honolulu Magazine’s “BEST OF HONOLULU 2017”




Jose Dynamite and Friends

Fridays at O’Toole’s Celtic Room

 $10 At The Door

Doors 6:30pm/Show 7:30pm. Second Show at 9:30 pm.

 21 & Over ONLY

Jose Dynamite & Friends now has 2 weekly shows on Fridays, 7:30pm & 9:30pm. Every 1st Friday of each month at 9:30PM there is a set show format called “PEPPER’S COMEDY FORUM” – hosted by Pepper The Misunderstood Evil Genius. This format has a panel of 4 comedians performing jokes about topical subjects, improvisational thoughts, and audience suggestions. Every Final Friday of the Month at 9:30PM there is show called the “COMEDY FALSE CRACK”– a monthly Roast Battle style show featuring 8 comics matched up head-to-head slinging hilarious insults at one another.


January 11              FIRST SHOW 7:30PM

HOST: Brandi Morgan

FEATURE: Chris Ferretti | Kristen Alberts | Matt Stofsky

HEADLINER: Derek Reimers


HOST: Derek Reimers

FEATURE: Jackson Grubb | Joel Kop | Mary Jane Murphy

HEADLINER: Jose Dynamite

January 18              FIRST SHOW 7:30PM

HOST: Michael Madsen

FEATURE: Joel Kop | Brandi Morgan

HEADLINER: Jose Dynamite


HOST: Cory Walter

FEATURE: Jasmine Bautista | Jose Dynamite | Lance Liverman

HEADLINER: Shane Lucas Price

January 25              FIRST SHOW 7:30PM

HOST: Reese Paul

OPEN: Saladu

FEATURE: Chad Wago | Heather Brown

HEADLINER: Jose Dynamite

SECOND SHOW 9:30PM FINAL FRIDAY – Comedy False Crack Roast Battle

HOST: Jose Dynamite

ROASTERS: Tiffany Yamauchi v.s. Mary Jane Murphy | Michael Madsen v.s. Cory Walter | Daryl Bonilla v.s. Derek Reimers | Shane Lucas Price v.s. Billy Sherman

February 1              FIRST SHOW 7:30PM

HOST: Sally Jackson

FEATURE: Saladu | Victoria Arnstein | Reese Paul

HEADLINER: Jose Dynamite

SECOND SHOW 9:30PM – FIRST FRIDAY – Pepper’s Comedy Forum

HOST: Pepper

FEATURE: Tiffany Yamauchi + TBD

February 8              FIRST SHOW 7:30PM

HOST: Pepper

FEATURE: Tiffany Yamauchi | Cameo Lawrence

HEADLINER: Jose Dynamite


HOST: Jose Dynamite

FEATURE: Billy Sherman | Jasmine Bautista | Ian Shippen


February 15            FIRST SHOW 7:30PM

HOST: Paco Loco

FEATURE: Powel C. | Patrice Scott

HEADLINER: Daryl Bonilla


HOST: Shannon Cantan

FEATURE: Derek Reimers | Lance Liverman

HEADLINER: Andrew Joyce



HOST: Patrick Tyrrell

FEATURE: Cathy Tanaka | James Mane

HEADLINER: Jose Dynamite


ROASTERS: Billy Sherman | Daryl Bonilla | Micheal Madsen | Jasmine Bautista | Andrew Joyce | Jhonny Rox Hollywood | Patrick Tyrrell