Greetings from Hawaii’s Irish Pubs!

We are not at all, by nature, a crew who seeks social distancing.

We are a crew who seeks to connect, to argue and dispute and laugh and cry and tell stories and listen to music and drink face-to-face.

We cherish socialization, even, maybe even mostly, that of some folks who challenge us.

But for a bit, we need to chat at a distance, to take care of our elderly and even those younger.

Please stay home for that bit, chat via WhatsApp, Text, Facetime, Google Chat, or Zoom; keep your friends alive and healthy, so that later, in a surprisingly few weeks, you can see them face-to-face and give them a hug or a pleasant F-You, and meanwhile cook some new great meals with your family or roommates chopping vegetables, teach them how to speak Chinese, Dutch, or whatever, learn how to use a camera or a ukulele, or take family portraits, and share some home love, even if its remote.

Meanwhile, we are busy scrubbing and improving our pubs, fixing and improving things, tearing things apart and putting them back together, some pictures of which we will share with you shortly.

All the best from Hawaii’s Irish Pubs, where we want most of all to help you all connect. We look forward to seeing you as soon as we safely can!