Hard at work on the Rose

Giving the place a lot of love. Thanks, Seamus and Joe and Raymond and all you other folks who are painting, bringing dogs, and generally getting it shiny again, while we pause, and drink in far inferior environments. Some of these are not images of the bar at its best – that is the intent, so that “After” pictures show how dramatic the change was. These are before pictures, and represent the hard labor and many, many hours of work of between half-a-dozen and a dozen people who are sweating, cleaning, scraping, patching, thoughtfully assessing, improving, and showing a great deal of kindness in action. Some of them are not hugely happy shots, but it’s not a tremendously happy time, though the people working hard on our place are finding solace in their work, as we all will, when they are done. I’m looking forward to the After images.

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