O’Toole’s on Hawaii 5-0 and Lost


O’Toole’s has been on Lost several times.

In episode 2×19 S.O.S., the rear section of O’Toole’s was used to portray a pub in Boston for a flashback – the sign used in the shoot has been preserved and remains on the side of the building.

In episode 3×08, the interior was used as an English pub.

The exterior rear section was used again in episode 6×17 as the front of a biker bar.

Hawaii 5-0

O’Toole’s has been used several times for Hawaii 5-0 shoots.

It did a stint as the ‘Aces High’ bar, at the same time the upstairs offices were used as a child’s room in episode 5×5

Most recently it played host to a mafia funeral in episode 8×23.

Anna O’Brien’s was featured in multiple scenes in episode 6×10

The Irish Rose Saloon hasn’t been on Hawaii 5-0, but the Saturday night band Elephant has! They played the band at the high school reunion in episodeĀ 4×18.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

The bar that the girls fake being hit by a car in front of is O’Toole’s.