Irish Rose Saloon – Reopening!

At long last, The Irish Saloon is getting into shape and getting ready to reopen. We HOPE this will be somewhere around mid-July — but there’s an awful lot of work to do! We need to do a lot of cleaning, rebuild some stuff, restock and re-staff. About a year ago, some staff worked hard to re-paint and redecorate, and we want to get it back to that shiny state it was in.

Our capacity will only be about 130 people; we will probably not have draft beer at first; we have to follow all the covid rules about having masks while not at your table, and signing in for potential tracing, etc… there will be no smoking inside! But we’ve been setting up TVs for sports, got the soda lines run, have the dart boards installed, and are working hard on all the other hundreds of bits that it takes to get a proper pub up and running.

Soon! Keep tabs on our Instagram and Facebook pages for updates! (But please, don’t pester our former/soon-to-be bartenders. They don’t get inside information.)