Kelley O’Neil’s – Open!

Kelley O’Neil’s is now open, under the same management (John Langan,) but new ownership.

We have COVID-19 precautions in place according to government requirements; we have fries, fish & chips, chicken fingers, beer-batter onion rings, zucchini fries, a QR-Code Menu, signage, tables, 4 beers on tap including a REAL FULL IMPERIAL PINT O’ GUINNESS, some nice, oft-hilarious people to talk to, no live music yet, some great cocktails, stunning whiskey, our usual fantastic service, underwear gnomes, soon a new fancy website of our own, and are, as always, Celtic AF.

Please com by, and say hello, and raise a pint with us. We’re still masked, !@*#@*)&#@, but not for much longer, God willing.

Erin go Bragh.