LIVE music at our pubs this Friday and Saturday!

We will have live acoustic music both Friday and Saturday at Kelley O’Neil’s (8 PM to 3 AM), Irish Rose Saloon (8 PM – 12 AM), and O’Toole’s (8 PM – 12 AM) this weekend! There will be limited seats, social distancing required, and you must wear a mask when you are entering, leaving, or not at your seat, which you should sit in – sadly, dancing and multi person bands aren’t in the cards right now. Musicians will be playing behind a clear curtain.

So far it looks like:
Irish Rose: Friday, Dave Turner – Saturday, Helena Bierens.
Kelley O’Neil’s: Friday 11:30-3AM: Ezekiel Gonda – Saturday, Sabbath Canon 8-11:30 PM, Keith Batlin, 12 AM – 3 AM
O’Toole’s: Saturday, James B. McCarthy 8 PM – 12 AM
We’ll update this page as we get the rest of the acts nailed down.