November 25: National Tie-One-On-Day

Date Celebrated : Always the day before Thanksgiving

According to the Apron Memories website, Tie One On Day is a day to “give from the heart”. And, you know, having a few drinks to perhaps dull the challenges of certain relatives, on the following day, Thanksgiving, where we mostly give thanks for what we have, with a “hangover helper”. On this day, though, you get the opportunity to put the “give” back into Thanksgiving, by doing one small good deed for someone less fortunate.

Tie One On Day Tradition:

Bake (or buy at a local bakery or Whole Foods,) a fresh loaf of bread. Wrap it up in a brand new apron.  Tuck an encouraging note, or a prayer, into the pocket of the apron. Then, give this to someone less fortunate. It can be someone who lost their job, is ill, recently lost a loved one, or any other person in need. While you do not have to be an anonymous giver, it is better if you do.

Origin of National Tie One On Day:

EllynAnne Geisel, of Apron Memories, is the creator of this unique, special day.